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  We are a locally owned and operated company that provides wide range of accurate and up to date information on events, destinations and entertainment to help you to make the most of your visit to Kyrgyzstan. We strive to create a platform which will allow travelers to make well-informed trip plans. We are there to guide you through picturesque nature, exciting events and fun outings in your journey in Kyrgyzstan.  


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Transfers: With transfer services, Tenti provides individuals and private groups with safe and comfortable transportation, both in and out of Kyrgyzstan. Booking for yourself or others is easy using our simple form under the “Request a Ride” tab. Once we receive your information we'll send you your quote and driver's information.

Why we developed this product: We wanted to give our clients a way to book private transfers in advance, with no haggling over a fare, no waiting for the driver to arrive on his time, and no worrying about the safety record of the driver. We got tired of waiting around on reckless drivers who operated on their time rather than ours. Therefore, we decided to curate our own group of experienced professional drivers, with well-maintained vehicles, so our clients don't encounter the same problems we did. Now Tenti's clients can arrive to their destination; safely, comfortably, on their budget, and on their schedule, with Tenti's Transfer services.

How it works: All of Tenti's chauffeurs have years of experience in the field and are thoroughly vetted when they join our team to ensure a reliable, comfortable, and safe ride. Through our drivers we have access to any kind of vehicles you may need including, economy class, business class, VIP class, off roading vehicles, mini-buses, and coach buses. Before we send out any vehicle, they are inspected to be sure they meet our standards. All private transfer vehicles are WIFI enabled, where service allows, and when we send out more than one car, they are also equipped with radios so the drivers and passengers can stay in touch. When you make a request for a private transfer service, we receive a notification in the office. Next, we will send you an email confirmation of your request and contact the driver that is best suited to your journey. Once we have completed the arrangements for your trip we will send a final email with your driver's information.                                                            

Ride-share: Our ride-sharing shuttle service let's you enjoy low cost travel around Kyrgyzstan with the same comfort, safety, and reliability you have come to expect from Tenti by splitting the cost with other travelers. Don't miss out on some of the most popular destinations because you're traveling on a budget. Our shuttle service makes pit stops in must see destinations so you can make the most of your time and money while you visit.

Why we developed this product: Public marshrutkas, or mini-buses, are a very cheap way to travel and they run frequently to popular destinations. But that's where the positives end. The drivers are reckless, the bus is terribly hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, and they only leave once every spot is full, meaning you can waste most of your day waiting to leave. So, to combat these many negatives our director decided to develop our ride-share service.

How it works: We have spoken to our drivers to arrange the ride-share services to the most popular destinations in the country. Our marshrutkas are all maintained to the highest standard ensuring your comfort and safety. All of our ride-share drivers are thoroughly vetted before they can begin driving with Tenti, because our clients safety is our top priority. Like all of our private vehicles, our ride-sharing shuttles are also WIFI enabled, where possible. On some routes, the shuttle will stop for a time at popular site-seeing spots, so people who choose to use the service won't miss out on, or have to pay extra to see some of Kyrgyzstan's most beautiful places. Book your ticket here and pay online or in person when you check in. Once the mashrutka has 10 registered passengers the shuttle service will be guaranteed and you will receive a confirmation with your ticket. Our shuttles always leave at the time posted on the ticket, so you'll never have to worry that your spending your whole vacation at the bus-station.                                                      

Tours: Take the stress out of traveling in Kyrgyzstan by letting us make the arrangements for you. We have prearranged tours to destinations all over Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Southern Kazakhstan. Each of the tours has been designed with the assistance of some of the best guides in the country so you can maximize your experience. Have something special in mind or want to make changes to an itinerary, Tenti also arranges custom made tours for individuals and groups.

Why we developed this product: Our founder fell in love with showing his friends unique and interesting places around Kyrgyzstan. He decided that since it was such a rewarding experience for both himself and his friends he wanted to start inviting other travelers to join him.

How it works: We work closely with guides and drivers who work all over Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan to develop interesting and immersive tours for our clients. We are constantly searching for new tours and new experiences for our clients, as well as adjusting our current offerings to ensure you have the best vacation. At each of our curated destinations we have developed lasting partnerships with the service providers so that you will have a truly unique visit to Kyrgyzstan. Booking a tour is easy just visit our tour page and book a fixed date tour, or leave us some feedback under the Private tours tab and we'll create a bespoke tour for you.

Lodging: The only way to book remote yurt camps in Kyrgyzstan online! Lodging with Tenti let's you book your accommodations; hotels, guesthouses, and yurt camps in advance, worry-free. Our secure online payment platform let's you travel in Kyrgyzstan with an increased sense of security by limiting the amount of cash you need to carry. Find the best place for you with accurate accommodation descriptions and honest customer reviews.

Why we developed this product: In our work as tour operators we obviously spend a lot of time getting to know the men and women who run the yurt camps and home stays around the country. However, we have also noticed how difficult and unreliable advanced booking is. Many of the guesthouses don't have good photos, or a way to see what amenities they offer, and if you book through local agencies, you don't get to chose where you stay. Additionally large online platforms are difficult for the owners because they need reliable internet and good language skills to work with them. With all of these thoughts in mind we decided to start Tenti Lodging, to help both the local service providers and their future clients

How it works: In the summer of 2019 we will partner with volunteers from all over the world who will travel to guesthouses and yurt camps all over Kyrgyzstan. They will collect information and write detailed profiles for each guesthouse and yurt camp owner so they don't need to worry about taking time out of their busy day, their English language skills, or having a good internet connection. Once we receive the write-ups from our volunteers, we will add the facility to our growing list of lodgings.

When you check-out from making your reservation, your request will be sent to the host for confirmation. Once they respond, we will change the status of your booking in your dashboard to confirmed and send a follow-up email. You will not be charged anything until your reservation is confirmed. After your stay, we will send you a follow-up email so you can leave a review about your stay. If you choose to leave a review, we will translate and send it to the guesthouse owners so they can see what they are doing right and what improvements they need to make, for future guests.

Events: Make the most of you time in Kyrgyzstan with up-to-date event listings. Every month Tenti curates hundreds of events around the country so we have something for everyone.

Why we developed this product: We started our events page to show that there is much more to Kyrgyzstan than yurts and mountains. Bishkek has a thriving night life and we don't want you to miss out on anything that is happening.

How it works: Our content team works hard, reaching out to businesses all over the country so we can maintain our extensive list of events. When we get word of a new event, we verify the information is correct, translate everything to English, then post it to the events tab on our website.


If you have any questions about one of our products please contact us at our email: