The Kyrgyz government has lifted all travel restrictions into the country back in December. The only requirements at the moment are to have a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior and arrive through an airport. Ground border crossings have not been opened yet.  Visa exemptions have been restored to the initial list of 62 countries. You can click on the link and see if you are exempt from a tourist visa. Further updates regarding borders and coronavirus situation will be sent out through our mailing list

Predicament that this coronavirus pandemic brought on resulted in the crisis in the travel industry as well other aspects of our lives in 2020. Naturally, this caused us to wonder what will happen to travel in 2021. So, there are many predictions to as to how travel will look like in 2021 and we wanted to chime in with our two cents regarding travel in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia in the new year. Currently the ground borders between Central Asian countries remain closed, but according to different sources these countries are working on ways to revitalize travel and opening borders in the near future. Hopefully, it’ll result in a coherent and universal action plan that will make it easier for travelers to cross borders. As for, Kyrgyztan, we believe the country will remain open through the year. As we mentioned before, this pandemic has caused financial hardships for many families. The political instability back in October has caused uncertainties regarding the economic well-being of the country. Now that we’ve had our presidential elections and things have stabilized our guess is that the government will try and keep things operational for the simple reason of not being able to afford the implications of having closed borders. This is to reassure you that you will not get stuck in the country due to country wide quarantine.

Though novel coronavirus presented us with unique challenges, it also provides unique opportunities for those who can travel: popular places will be as empty as they’ll ever be, less congestion at airports and so on. Hopefully you’ll have been vaccinated….or safely recovered from the virus by the time you are ready to travel again. But if you haven’t been and itching to travel you will need to stay vigilant and should continue to take extreme precautions.


Early in 2020 we decided to suspend all tour related activities due to the unknown nature of the virus at the time. We also wanted to avoid the risk of carrying the virus with us to remote areas of the country where medical facilities are scarce and unequipped. Since then we’ve kept up to date with new safety and risk management practices and have adopted COVID – Guidelines for Adventure Travel from the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Starting 2021, with new safety practices in place, we will resume our activities and start offering private and small group tours to select areas of the country. In addition to our safety measures we are implementing new private tour cancellation policies. For you to be able to book our tours with confidence, we’ve eliminated cancellation fee for our private tours and guarantee 100% return of your booking deposits (for late cancellations hotels may charge fees). In case you have questions regarding our safety measures and our policies book a discovery call with a specialist by filling out the form below.


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