• Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol
  • Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol

Wooden Stove Heater


The program of yurt camp "Sonkol - Land MIRLAN"
  1. The location of the camp
   Our yurt camp is called "Sonkol-land Mirlan" and is located in the famous high mountain lake Son-Kul. The camp is located on the southern shore of the lake and is accessible from the southern road leading from the Ak-Talaa district of Naryn region. Son-Kul is a comfortable place to relax with it's special climate and gorgeous nature. There is an opportunity to feel the unspoiled purity of nature.

  2. Description of the camp
  The camp can accommodate up to 70 people. We have 15 yurts. 13 of them are for living and 2 for dining. We host up to 5 people in each yurt. All yurts are made with the use of natural materials which helps to keep warmth in the cold and cool in hot weather and decorated in national style, reflecting the local flavor. The yurt floors are covered with traditional carpets which are called "shyrdak". Yurts are equipped with electricity. There are beds (bed linen, blankets, pillows), table and benches. Yurts are heated with a stove. Toilets and wash basins, showers with hot and cold water are located in the camp site in a separate place. We guarantee cleanliness and order in each yurt. The plains are rich in medicinal herbs and there is an opportunity to see the unique Edelweiss flower which is included in the red book. Being here you can see all the seasons in one day.

  3. The camp program
  Active and interesting vacation in an ecologically clean place. We organize various traditional games for tourists such as "top-tash", "zooluk tashtamai", "ordo oyunu", etc. And also our program includes the display of national games "kyz-kuumai", "tyiyn enmei", "kok boru" and the procedure making "kurut". All events are held under the guidance of the founders of the yurt camp Mirlan and Kishimzhan. And in the evenings Kyrgyz songs in the circle of tourists and an excerpt from the epos "Manas". Having rested in our camp, tourists will strengthen their health and receive many useful information about the life of nomads.

Property facilities

Lounge Area
Outdooor Parking
Pit Latrine
Camping Area


Horseback riding


-Accommodation and breakfast 600 soms per person per day
-Dinner 250 soms
-Lunch 250 soms
(For accompanying-free)
- Horseback riding 200 soms per hour
-National horse games 5000 soms
   Additional services:
- Kymyz treatment
- Master class on national dishes
- Folklor show


Address and map location

Song Kol, Naryn

Yurt Camp 'Mirlan' in Song Kol

Quad Yurt 12 $
  • Quad Yurt
  • Quad Yurt
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Quad Yurt

A quadruple yurt means that up to 4 guests can be accommodated in the yurt with 4 single beds. When You Book A Bed And Stay At The Camp You Will Share The Yurt With Other Travellers. You Can Book As Many Beds As You Need.