• Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp
  • Song Kol Yurt Camp

Wooden Stove Heater


If you're fond of mountain lakes, the north shore of Song Kol will not leave you indifferent. 

Located 3000 meters above the sea level, Song Kul is the second biggest lake in the entire country.  The location of the camp makes it perfect for those who are tired of the hot summer days they would  usually experience down in the valleys. If you decide to come here, then be ready to find misty mountains, wind and maybe snow. 

The lake goes beyond the horizon and so do the green hillocks surrounding the camp, giving you a feeling of freedom like you've never experienced it before. You shall be pleased to see that the camp's remoteness had no impact on its owner's sense of hospitality: the local family will enjoy your company and make sure you fully enjoy your stay. Don't be afraid of the language barrier as Erkay speaks English and so does her brother, Ruslan.

Although there is no running water, you can still take a shower thanks to their innovative system and you will find two latrines about 50 meters away from the camp.

The camp has a swing, so don't hesitate to play with the children, they are lovely!

It also only takes five minutes to walk to the lake. If you feel brave enough, go for a swim: the water is quite cold but it's worth the experience.

The yurts are comfortable, tidy and well prepared for cold nights. Blankets, stoves and a warm welcome are waiting for you!

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Song Kol

Song Kol Yurt Camp

Dorm Sleep Yurt 18 $
  • Dorm  Sleep Yurt
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Dorm Sleep Yurt

This yurt camp has 5 yurts with dorm sleep arrangement with 5 and 7 beds in each yurt. When you book a bed and stay at the camp you will share the yurt with other travellers. You can book as many beds as you need.


  • • Stove
  • • Linen
  • • Wooden Stove Heater

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